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Making The Case For A Dedicated Revenue Innovation Team with Share Our Strength’s Carla Warner

In 2014, every professional fundraiser was asked the same question – “What’s the next Ice Bucket Challenge?”  In the short term, this remarkably successful and straightforward viral campaign, which benefitted The ALS Association, sparked a surge of poorly conceived and unsustainable copycat campaigns, but in the long term, forced the industry into a state of evolution. 

Innovation has consistently remained one of the hottest buzzwords in our industry, as we seek out “the next million-dollar idea.”  In an rapidly evolving world where technology and donor expectations are constantly shifting, and resources are limited in terms of staffing and donor dollars, staying ahead becomes increasingly challenging without a dedicated innovation team

In this episode, P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell is joined by Carla Warner, Senior Director of Revenue Innovation  at Share Our Strength, the nonprofit behind the No Kid Hungry campaign.  They’ll dig into the secrets and success stories of Carla’s dedicated revenue innovation team, from incubation to operationalization, and why peer-to-peer fundraising has been the main driver behind their new initiatives.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • How Carla’s team made the case for a dedicated Revenue Innovation team
  • The significance of identifying trends
  • How peer-to-peer fundraising can open the door to new audiences & new markets
  • The importance of flexibility in trying new strategies
  • How the pandemic has changed the Share Our Strength’s approach to innovation

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