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Blocks and Secrets with Mandy Fabian

This week in The Story Well, Kyle welcomes the multi-talented Mandy Fabian for a dive into the creative process. Mandy, an accomplished actor, director, writer, and singer, shares her unique journey from the world of improv comedy to the craft of screenwriting. Along the way, the two explore the challenges and triumphs of the writing life, including strategies for overcoming the infamous writer’s block that plagues even the most seasoned scribes.

The real magic of this episode unfolds when Kyle and Mandy put their storytelling skills to the test, embarking on an impromptu tale that takes listeners on a wild ride through the realms of forbidden romance and international intrigue. As they weave together the threads of their spy-themed love story, the lines between fantasy and reality blur, leaving both the storytellers and the audience questioning where the fiction ends and the truth begins.

So pull up a chair and join Kyle and Mandy in The Story Well, where the only limit is the imagination. Who knows what kind of unforgettable tale you’ll find yourself falling into?

Welcome to the Story Well, a way station for storytellers of all stripes to pull up a seat alongside their compatriots and listen to them talk of art and craft.