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“Moving Targets” with Chris Soucy


Welcome to The Story Well. It’s a place where storytellers of all stripes can take a rest from their mental labor and listen as we discuss both art and craft. There’s always a seat open for you.

Tonight, we welcome writer Christopher Soucy. His podcast, The Most Haunted City On Earth, is available now from the finest of podcatchers. Our freewheeling conversation covers everything the perils and pitfalls of marketing your own material to how comedies can age so terribly.

And before I let him back onto the haunted streets of Savannah, Georiga, Chris and I decide to take some random elements and see if we can create an interesting story out of them. Then we’re giving it away for free to anyone who’d like to take it and run with it.

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Welcome to the Story Well, a way station for storytellers of all stripes to pull up a seat alongside their compatriots and listen to them talk of art and craft.