Time for Thirteen

“Arachnids in the UK”

May 9, 2021

SPIDER! Get rid of SPIDER! Step on Spider! SPIDER! We love you Spider! Team Tardis (that doesn’t sound right) arrives back home only to find the place crawling with big spiders and Mr. Big. Eight legs, but only thirteen minutes to discuss ARACHNIDS IN THE UK!

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May 2, 2021

The TARDIS takes the visitors to a crucial turning point in American history. Can the group (and the creative team) navigate this pivotal moment, or will they make a mess of it? Thirteen minutes isn’t enough for this episode, but it’s what we have.

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“The Ghost Monument”

April 25, 2021

It’s the Amazing Race in space! But with more death! We’re here to talk about The Ghost Monument in 13 minutes. Evil blankets, real science and of course, “Come to Daddy…er, Mommy.”

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“The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

April 18, 2021

In which we attempt to talk about the first episode of the 13th Doctor’s run in only thirteen minutes…and fail spectacularly. Sheffield Steel, Tim Shaw’s teeth and lens flares, we’ll talk about it all, until time runs out.

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‘Of The Doctor’ Series

March 28, 2021

You only turn 50 once, even if you’re a Time Lord. In this episode, we say hello to an old friend, meet the 8.5th Doctor and say goodbye to Matt Smith. It’s sand shoes, catchphrases and, of course, “ALL THIRTEEN!”

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Series Seven • Part 2

March 21, 2021

Souffle Girl! The Impossible Girl! It’s time to talk about Clara. You know her, you…probably have strong feelings about her. From a cold hearted nanny, far under the ice, to a chess game like no other, we’ll talk about it all. Plus some (overdue) news about our publishing schedule!

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Series Seven • Part 1

March 14, 2021

The only water in the forest is the river, which means it’s time to say goodbye to the Ponds. From crazy pepperpots to a monument that comes to visit you, we talk about the exit of the Williamses and is that a hit of regeneration energy in the wind?

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Series Six

March 7, 2021

From a little Dickens to the death of the Doctor, it’s time to talk about Series 6. Stetsons are cool, good men go to war, a girl waits and we argue about what the worst episode of the season was.

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Series Five

February 28, 2021

That hair. That chin. That bowtie. That FEZ! It’s time to talk about Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor and the start of the reign of Moffat. From the smashing of a garden shed, through a garden of one headed statues right up the rebooting of the universe, we’ll talk about it all.

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The Specials

February 21, 2021

And now, the Tenth Doctor’s year abroad, where he drops out to go and find himself, but instead finds giant cyborgs, flying double decker buses, a really hungry Master and some guy knocking four times. Join us as we say goodbye to David Tennant’s time in the TARDIS.

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