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What Your Support Means

Since November 11th, 2011, we have been cranking out weekly podcasts about movies we love, movies you love, and, well, sometimes movies no one really loves but are awfully fun to talk about. We just love talking about movies!

You've heard it all before – podcasting isn't free and your support helps us keep things going. We really appreciate that. We've been able to bring on more hosts and create more shows. And we're looking to do more!

Not only are we planning to create even more movie-related programming under The Next Reel banner for our listeners, but we're also constantly looking for ways to provide more content for supporters. And the more supporters we get, the more we can grow and the more content we can provide to everyone. It's a win-win situation!

So check out the support tiers below and join The Next Reel membership pool. You'll be happy you did.

The Next Reel Membership Levels


Are you a long-time listener wondering how to support us? First off, thank you! Throw us a buck each month and know you have our deepest gratitude. Plus, you'll get:

  • Our Discord community is free for anyone, but as a One-Reeler, you get access to member channels including the #ShowTalk channel where you can vote on the Saturday Matinée list topics each week!


If you want to throw a little more support our way, this is the tier for you. By paying $5 or more per month, you get everything that One-Reelers get, plus:

  • Watch the live stream as we record our shows — or anytime thereafter in the archives — including The Next Reel, The Saturday Matinée, The Film Board, Marvel Movie Minute, and Trailer Rewind, not to mention any specials and new shows coming down the pike.
  • Join The Film Board team for a pre-show video session before our recording sessions in Discord.
  • Get all Next Reel episodes early and ad-free via your own personal podcast feed.
  • The Two-Reeler tier gives you access to additional channels in Discord.
  • The most exciting benefit? We're starting to roll out members-only episodes. If you want access to these, you have to be a member at this level!

You Gracious Benefactor, You...

You're a long-time listener and supporter of the show and you just don't feel like we're asking for enough? We have a plan for you, too. You can pick your own subscription rate to support the shows of The Next Reel and know that every dollar goes toward the mechanics and time we put into this show.

All Two-Reeler benefits come with this level, plus new ideas as we come up with them!

What people say about The Next Reel

Andy and Pete have a great style of banter that just makes me feel at home.  They are guys you want to hang out with and chat about movies.  Of course they also have a lot of knowledge to share, and some strong opinions.  I've now caught up on listening to every episode and I can attest that they just keep getting better.  Adding the Flickchart rankings is a great addition to each episode.  They even have a list posted of each movie they will review so you can watch along with them, which makes the discussion that much more interesting.  This is easily my favorite movie podcast.  Pick a couple movies you like in their episode list and try it.  You won't regret it!

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I just found your podcast on Stitcher and I had to write to tell you how impressed I was with your "Night of the Hunter" podcast, really first rate! Looking over the list of episodes on iTunes, I felt like I struck podcast gold. You guys seem to have struck just the right balance between humorous camaraderie and well researched insight on a great film.  Your podcast is the gold standard (is that still good?) for podcasts right up there with Sound on Sight, The Projection Booth, and my all time favorite The Hollywood Saloon.

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