“The Producers” yields funny on Wikipedia

Great find from friend of the show Curt Siffert:

… this entry in Wikipedia is hilarious. So, Mel Brooks originally wanted to name the movie “Springtime For Hitler” but the film studios wouldn’t allow it because of bad taste. But then according to wikipedia…

“In Sweden, however, the title literally translates as ”Springtime For Hitler“. As a result of its success, all but two of Mel Brooks movies in Swedish have been given similar titles: ”Springtime For Mother-In-Law“ (The Twelve Chairs); ”Springtime For The Sheriff“ (Blazing Saddles); ”Springtime For Frankenstein“ (Young Frankenstein); ”Springtime For The Silent Movies“ (Silent Movie); ”Springtime For The Lunatics“ (High Anxiety); ”Springtime For World History“ (History of the World, Part I); ”Springtime For Space“ (Spaceballs); and ”Springtime For The Slum“ (Life Stinks).[10]

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