Uncle Scrubby’s Bedtime Stories

Strapped to Her Hips

July 13, 2016

Trapped in a neighbors kitchen with nowhere left to hide, Pre Veterinarian Jessie squeaks out the remaining seconds of her life hopping she can survive on whatever is strapped to her hips.

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Pork Keys

February 14, 2015

A young sow entering this adult driving years, fails daily to meet the standards of his hard-to-please Pig Father; however, this little swine who went to market is about to “impact” the way we eat breakfast — and tell jokes — for all time.

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Jump the Hop

February 7, 2015

When children reach that age where they stop believing in The Easter Bunny, all it takes is ONE really BIG BUNNY to scare them back into believing again. That is, of course, if they can JUMP the HOP.

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The Legend of the Polar Bears

February 1, 2015

Before polar bears, there were ordinary, confused brown and black bears wandering the earth. Tormented by bat crazy beavers and embarrassment, a hundred (of the bravest) of these cowardly bears traveled north in order to escape their horrible fate. But with the help of an old legend and a mystical beverage, the lives of these bears and Christmas will be changed forever.

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Fin Tie Mountain — Part 1

November 14, 2014

Sometimes over the hill, owners of the oceans have dreams too. In this “fish out of water” tale, we find a father shark and his son about to become the first land sharks of all time. Their only problem… how do they survive on land?

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The Spider and Mrs. Pringles

July 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered what the prequel to “Charlottes Web” was? Well here it is boys and girls! It’s crazy girl fun when Tina Pringles opens up a torture chamber in her basement! Bonus question: How many special talents does Trevor have, and what are they?

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Pit Stop Billy and his 4-Wheel Drive Automobile

June 27, 2013

A small town in Africa risks losing their native jungle land, so the government can make big profits on a race car track they desire to build upon it. Jungle race car driving and excitement at every turn in this nonstop action adventure you won’t want to miss! Also Uncle Scrubby falls asleep somewhere near the end!

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Junk in the Trunk

June 21, 2013

Have you ever had a child, born a half eaten werewolf? Then this story is for you! Find out what’s in Junk’s trunk as he solves the forbidden mystery “who am I in this world?”

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The Ghosts of the Living Room

June 6, 2013

When a passive aggressive boring family dies … of their own boredom, even though it’s a little sad, it kind of makes you secretly happy inside.

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Mr. Dog Eats a Burger

May 30, 2013

Only a talking cat with the skills of a magician can help out a homely dog, whose only desire is to eat a burger! Can our canine friend convince the owners of a burger shop to give him some beef … the beef he thinks he deserves? Warning: This story contains Witches.

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