Matthew Fox

About Matthew Fox

I’ve been a fan of deep conversations about genre media since I was a kid when I would watch the original series Star Trek with my mom, and she would ask me about the ethical questions it raised.

Inspired in large part by the MCUCast and the DC on Screen Podcast, I started Superhero Ethics as a way to explore those questions with others and was later a founding member of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network.

When not spending far too much time navel-gazing about pop culture, I help run a small non-profit that breaks down barriers to computer science education for youth and do consulting work for nonprofits and small businesses.

My podcast interests have broadened over time, adding a podcast about the Star Wars Universe in 2019 and becoming a frequent guest or co-host on PandaVision and other podcasts and content. While ethical questions are not the prime focus of my other work, I can find them in pretty much anything I watch.

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