Superhero Ethics

Ep 216 – DCs New Slate

March 7, 2023

Comics Guru Extrodinaire Jess Plummer joins us to talk about DC’s upcoming slate of new TV shows and movies. Jessica Plummer lives in New York and loves Superman very very much. You can listen to just how much on her Superman podcast, Flights and Tights.

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Ep 215 – The Last of Us 1-4

February 14, 2023

Returning guests Danielle and Erin join me to talk about the first four episodes of The Last of Us, and the video game up to the same point. Patrons get access to bonus content with every episode! To show your support for this podcast, and all things Ethi

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EP 214 – Batman The Long Halloween

January 31, 2023

Paul Hoppe joins me to talk about Batman: The Long Halloween, an animated movie based on the comics run of the same name.Patrons get access to bonus content with every episode! To show your support for this podcast, and all things Ethical Panda, please jo

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Ep 213 – Willow TV

January 17, 2023

Ashley, Katy, & Mark join me to try and find the good parts in the first season of Willow. We had varied success, but we had a lot of fun talking about it!Ashley Coffin claims many titles, including Stranded Panda Supreme Leader, MCU Co-Host, Empress

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Ep 212 – Dredd

January 10, 2023

Its been 10 years since Karl Urban kept his mask on for a full movie, but the questions that this story about police as judge, jury, & executioner raises continue to be relevant today. We talk about the movie, the issues it raises and how Karl Urban

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2022 Retrospective and 2023 Prospective

January 3, 2023

Matthew and Paul talk about stuff they watched in 2022, as well as the future and history of Superhero Ethics.Paul Hoppe AKA ZenMadman lives in a cave on a mountain in the mind in Las Vegas, where they frequently talk about deleting all social media, yet

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Ep 211 – Myth of the Manger

December 26, 2022

What happens when you mix Hebrew & Greco-Roman ideas of divinity into a single mythology? How does a story of a blessing for all become a center piece of consumerism? Prof Matthew Kappel joins me to talk about the Jesus birth narrative through the len

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Ep 210 – Critical Theory & Fandom

December 20, 2022

What is critical theory? Can we use it to analyze the superhero & sci-fi shows we love? Gabriel Cruz is an assistant professor of media studies at North Carolina Central University. He has a PhD in Media and Communication Studies from Bowling Green St

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Ep 209 – Willow

December 13, 2022

With the new Willow series coming out we go back to the original, looking at one of the classic fantasy movies of the 80’s- Willow! Mark Garkusha & Ashley Coffin, along with first time/long time Katy O’Leary Brennan join me to talk about epic storyte

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Ep 208: Rings of Power

December 6, 2022

Matthew and Paul discuss the Rings of Power and possibly write a better description at some point.

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