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March 16, 2023

We don’t know what kind of internet user you are, but if you’ve found this page, you’re the kind we like to see. Not many people like to peruse by date so we hope you get every bite out of your results.

The Mandalorian • S3 E3

Ashley Coffin and I dive into Mando, Season 3, Episode 3! Ashley Coffin claims many titles, including Stranded Panda Supreme Leader, MCUCast Co-Host, Empress of All

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The Next Reel • Season 12 • Series: John Wick • John Wick
The Next Reel Film Podcast

John Wick

We dig into the mysterious world of assassins, stunts, and neon as we start our John Wick series. Today, we’re talking about where it all started: Chad Stahelski’s (and David Leitch’s) 2014 film JOHN WICK. Is it more than just the fantastic stunt work? How does the emotional throughline work? What about the cast? And how great is the Continental as part of the amazing world-building? Tune in!

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