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Project Problem 8: Project Managers are Passive

In this episode’s conclusion to “The 8 Biggest Problems” podcast, Cadence president John Patton brings you problem number eight in the series: Project Managers are Passive.

“In some companies, this is problem number one. I’ve saved it until problem number one, however, because I want to underscore it’s importance.”

There’s a core confusion in organizations between coordination and leadership. A coordinator assists the project manager in the logistical needs and support of the project. “They’re describing the wake at the rear of the boat,” says Patton. They are not project leaders.

On the other hand, project managers are well prepared with excuses defending poor project performance. “One of the most common,” says Patton, “‘This project was delayed due to circumstances beyond my control.’ If it’s out of their control, how could they possibly steer the project around it?”

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