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Career Conversations episode 106

Katie Walker: Fostering Strong Teams and Seeking Challenges

In this episode, host Christine Simone interviews Katie Walker, Assistant Vice
President of Financial Planning and Analysis at the University of Virginia, as well
as the recipient of NACUBO’s Rising Star Award. Katie shares her unexpected
path to higher education finance after studying history and anthropology as an
undergrad. She also provides key lessons learned about implementing budget
models, utilizing data analysis, leadership principles, and fostering career growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Many meaningful roles in higher ed beyond faculty
  • Data analysis provides insights to guide strategy
  • Implementing new budget models requires connecting vision and buy-in
  • Leadership builds trust through communication and recognition
  • Foster growth by encouraging teams to take on new challenges
  • Get comfortable with uncertainty to facilitate growth

Katie’s story shows how following interests can lead to unexpected yet rewarding
careers. Her leadership style and budget expertise provide valuable lessons for
higher ed professionals.


Insights and advice for business professionals new to higher education.

On Career Conversations, NACUBO’s Christine Simone sits down with higher education professionals to discuss their personal experiences, including successes and challenges of all kinds. They’ll offer career advice and insights as well as nuggets of wisdom for business professionals new to higher education.

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