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Career Conversations season 1 episode 5

Angie Kraetsch: Lead with Empathy and Get to Yes

How does a finance professional go from overseeing city budgets to leading a university’s financial strategy? For Angie Kraetsch, associate vice president for financial services at Cal Poly, it was a winding path full of strong mentors, challenging transitions, and learning to “get to yes.”

In this episode of Career Conversations, Angie shares her unique journey leading finance in both city governments and higher education. Learn how she leveraged transferable skills while navigating vastly different organizational cultures and missions.

Early mentors encouraged Angie’s growth in school and work, giving her pivotal opportunities to advance and develop her leadership. Now, she encourages leading with empathy, approachability, and an openness to continued collaboration and growth.

Insights and advice for business professionals new to higher education.

On Career Conversations, NACUBO’s Christine Simone sits down with higher education professionals to discuss their personal experiences, including successes and challenges of all kinds. They’ll offer career advice and insights as well as nuggets of wisdom for business professionals new to higher education.

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