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Career Conversations episode 104

Melissa Hogarty: Kids, Careers, and How to Have Both

Balancing parenthood and career growth isn’t easy, but Melissa Hogarty is proof it can be done. As Assistant Vice President for Business in the Office of Finance and Administration at Stony Brook University in New York, Melissa has climbed the ladder in higher ed while raising two kids. She joins host Christine Simone on Career Conversations to share her journey and tips, from managing mom guilt to leading with empowerment.

They discuss Melissa’s career journey in higher education, from working at a medical school to various roles at Stony Brook University. After starting a family, Melissa’s priorities shifted and she’s prioritized normalizing conversations about work-life balance both among her colleagues and when giving professional presentations.

The episode provides an inside look at the challenges of identifying as a parenting professional, regardless of gender. Melissa offers encouragement, tips, and her story to inspire other professionals balancing parenthood and career growth.


Insights and advice for business professionals new to higher education.

On Career Conversations, NACUBO’s Christine Simone sits down with higher education professionals to discuss their personal experiences, including successes and challenges of all kinds. They’ll offer career advice and insights as well as nuggets of wisdom for business professionals new to higher education.

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