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Carnegie Mellon CBO Angela Blanton on Resilience and Patience During COVID

Angela Blanton serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This week on the show, Blanton joins Megan Strand for a conversation on patience and understanding with the hybrid education model, the impending shifts in post-secondary education because of COVID, and diversifying the field.

“When you’re uncomfortable, you’re really learning,” says Blanton. Her push for intellectual curiosity is more important than ever with constant shifts in the education model due to the pandemic. As such, she says taking risks is one of the critical skills for CBOs. “Fail fast, learn quickly. Make sure to try things outside your comfort zone because varied experiences help you to be a more creative problem solver.”

Join us this week for a conversation with Angela Blanton as she takes us through her work to ride the COVID disruption in post-secondary education at Carnegie Mellon and challenges the status quo.

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