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University of Denver CBO Leslie Brunelli on Diversity and Inclusion Across Campus

Leslie Brunelli serves as Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Treasurer for the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. This week on the show, Brunelli joins Megan Strand for a conversation on flexibility and thoughtful communication as campuses navigate the pandemic, race, and diversity in operations across the organization.

“Representation at the table is important,” says Brunelli. Her campus leadership made a concerted effort to increase development projects that incorporate diverse businesses. As such, new requirements for capital projects have made a significant impact. “This was a small effort on our part, and yet has had such a huge impact on our institution and our community.”

Join us this week for a conversation with Leslie Brunelli as she takes us through her work to maintain cohesion across her teams as the University of Denver rebuilds with an eye on the fall.

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