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South Florida State College CBO Peter Elliott • CBO Speaks episode 1014

South Florida State College CBO Peter Elliott on Telling Stories with Numbers

Peter Elliott is vice president for administrative services at South Florida State College in Avon Park, Florida. In this episode, Elliott joins host Donna Schiele to talk about his career path, challenges in higher education, and the importance of community colleges.

“I like to say when I introduce myself: I’m here because usually when a student gets to my office, they’re not happy, and the odds are pretty good I’m not going to make them happy,” he says. Elliott explains that teaching as an adjunct allows him to interact positively with students and connect back to the mission of higher education. “So in a classroom I get to interact with students in a positive way, and it connects me back to what we’re doing,” he continues. Teaching accounting reminds Elliott that the focus should be on changing students’ lives.

Join us for a conversation with Elliott as he talks about transitioning from auditor to higher education administrator, solving hiring challenges, and why community colleges are often overlooked in the national media.


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