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UW-Madison CBO Rob Cramer • CBO Speaks episode 1013

UW-Madison CBO Rob Cramer’s Insights: Managing Risks and Getting to “Yes”

Rob Cramer is vice chancellor for finance and administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI. In this episode, Cramer joins host Donna Schiele to discuss learning from mentors, overcoming challenges, and being optimistic for higher education.

“How do we get to ‘yes’ when being asked to help solve problems?” Cramer reflects. Despite challenges, he remains focused on understanding needs and finding solutions—a mentality that fuels his optimism for higher ed’s future. “That’s still something that really sticks with me today,” Cramer says.

Join us as Rob Cramer recounts his journey from state government to higher ed leadership. He shares insights on managing risks, fostering student success, and supporting today’s evolving workforce. Even amidst challenges, Cramer remains optimistic about the critical value of higher education.


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