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Unpacking the Role of Generative AI for Knowledge Management with Keith Berg

This week on the show Pete Wright sits down with Keith Berg, senior vice president and general manager of contact center productivity solutions. They’re digging into the potentially decisive role of generative AI in knowledge management, and Keith helps us navigate the challenges organizations face that are ideally suited for AI support.

Creating and maintaining quality knowledge is expensive. Agents don’t have the time to be creating and updating knowledge – in customer service, every second counts! Subject matter experts have deep domain expertise, but they often can’t write in the tone of the customer. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude can save time and potentially provide a better experience for customers and employees, but the human touch is still critical as we continue to build trust in the tools. But on the front lines of customer service, it could save time with knowledge creation, free up agents to problem solve and provide knowledge managers with more time to analyze data for improvement.

Upland has recently introduced its AI Knowledge Assistant, and Keith discusses what’s next on the AI horizon for Upland Software.

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