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How Connected Knowledge Enhances Patient Access and Experience with Rosemary Kirk

There are many moving parts in a healthcare facility. This requires healthcare professionals to provide great experience to satisfy any customer service needs. When your customer is the very same person who is in your facility with their health — and lives — in your hands, you face a heightened pressure to make sure customer satisfaction is great. 

Rosemary Kirk joins Pete Wright to talk about her work in the customer service space, and how great Connected Knowledge practices enhance and accellerate patient and team satisfaction.

Rosemary is the go-to expert for Upland Software’s knowledge management software, Panviva. She creates and presents Proofs of Concept for Panviva on webinars and at industry conferences as well as facilitating pre-sales demonstrations to potential clients. She has worked in the knowledge management and customer service space for over 20 years, helping enhance user experiences through high-level project management, employee training, and optimizing contact center operations.   

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