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Knowledge’s Impact on Change Management with Luke Jamieson and Michael Mattson

This week, we’re talking about change. Big change, small change, and all change in between. But here’s the thing… employees report the lowest willingness to accept enterprise change in years. What’s behind that so-called transformation deficit? 

Harvard Business Review says employees experienced an average of ten planned enterprise changes in 2022. Gartner research shows employees’ willingness to support enterprise change dropped from 74% in 2016 to 43% in 2022. HBR is calling this gap between those changes and employee’s willingness to adapt to each one is being called the “transformation deficit.” How can organizations get ahead of this, and might knowledge management be a part of the answer?

Luke Jamieson, our own Solutions Consultant for Upland’s Contact Center Productivity Solutions and Michael Mattson, former veteran customer experience practitioner and thought leader are here today to explain it, and how knowledge management solutions might just get us out of that adaptation trough. 

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