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Something Amiss At The Ren Fest: A Chaotic Conclusion

It’s all come down to this: a final confrontation at the joust. The puns will be as plentiful as the turkey legs in our Season 1 finale at the Ren Fest.

Our brave heroes have faced evil monsters, tricky vegetables and an assortment of odd accents, and now it’s come down to this: a final fight at the Joust. But what oddly named knights will they face? Will any javelins get thrown? And most importantly, does anyone remember where we parked? The world will never be the same thanks to our players in our shocking Season 1 finale episode.

Inspired by shows like Critical Role and Dimension 20, we are going to do our very own actual play role-playing game. But we’ve got so many ideas that we couldn’t pick just one! From week to week, we’ll be solving mysteries, hunting cryptids, flying spaceships, or maybe just hanging out at the local pizza place.

If you’re new to RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, don’t worry! We’re going heavy on fun and light on the rules. You don’t need to do any homework before you listen.

The best part is, CTDH is performed live at the Neighborhood Comedy Theater in Mesa, Arizona. So if you want to laugh out loud, and hear yourself during the podcast, get tix for the next show now!

Cool Time Dice Hour, we’ll bring the dice, you bring your imagination.

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