Trailer Rewind • The Wall • 2017

The Wall

September 15, 2021

John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are stuck at the wall, and together with Laith Nakli’s voice we have a film about relationships and the power of words — and weapons — to navigate war in The Wall.

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Locked Down • Film Board Member Bonus

January 19, 2021

Is ‘Locked Down’ the COVID heist comedy we need right now? And is it even a heist comedy? Or more of a relationship dramedy? The Film Board convenes to break it apart to see if the whole worked as well as the sum of its parts. Tune in!

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Edge of Tomorrow

June 8, 2014

Tom Cruise is back in Doug Liman’s “Edge of Tomorrow,” tripping through time and trauma on the road to defeat an alien hoard. Here’s the weird thing about this summer tentpole: we all loved it.

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The Bourne Identity

July 20, 2012

This week, movie lovers, we begin our series on the Bourne movies, starting here with Doug Liman’s 2002 film, The Bourne Identity. Born from Robert Ludlum’s classic spy thriller, this movie came out a time when the spy film genre was feeling a little… overstuffed. This film, as well as the two that followed it, proved that a spy film could be more than just action scenes loosely strung together with threads of a weak story.

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