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Is 'Locked Down' the COVID heist comedy we need right now? And is it even a heist comedy? Or more of a relationship dramedy? The Film Board convenes to break it apart to see if the whole worked as well as the sum of its parts. Tune in!

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“I’m not stupid! I read poetry! I could be someone!”

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The Film Board convenes in a secret, backroom, members-only session to discuss Doug Liman’s COVID heist comedy Locked Down. But is it a heist comedy? Or more of a… relationship dramedy that takes place during the pandemic? No matter how you slice it, Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor are brilliant. But does the film work? Andy, Steve, and Ray meet in the board room to talk about the film, now streaming on HBO Max, and what they thought of it. Tune in!

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