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Louis Leterrier

Discover the remarkable film directors featured on TruStory FM’s entertainment podcasts. Learn about their creative journeys and lasting contributions to cinema through each of these archive episodes.

The Film Board • Fast X
The Film Board

Fast X

The Film Board Gathers! The gang of thugs is here to take on a movie currently in theaters and this month we invite you to FAST-TEN Your seatbelts for a FAST-TEN-ATING romp around the globe!

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Marvel Movie Minute

IH001: Universal and the Hulk!

In minute one of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob talk about movie studio animated logos and why this may be the last stand-alone Hulk film you’ll ever see.

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The Film Board

Now You See Me

It’s a Very Special Episode for this month’s Film Board gathering. Today on the show, Steve Sarmento and Chadd Stoops join Andy Nelson and Pete Wright to take on the great Next Reel Crossover with *Now You See Me* — a magical heist film of skeptic proportions.

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