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The Film Board • Fast X

Fast X

We’ve only talked about one other Fast Saga film here at The FIlm Board and given our experience with Fast X, we’re starting to figure out why. But whether the film is good or bad isn’t really the question. The question is why? It’s big, bombastic, and bonkers-expensive, reportedly coming in at over $340 million and the 8th most expensive production ever. Numbers change, dollars move, but according to this, family is all that really matters. Family, and ridiculous amounts of money. Money is family. Family is money. And also cars.

That last paragraph was a free-writing exercise by an AI version of your fair editor, and yet we present it unaltered because it represents our experience with the film as faithfully as any conversation ever could.

It’s true. We weren’t crazy about the movie. But Justin JJ Jaeger, Tommy Metz III,  Steve Sarmento, and Pete Wright had a blast talking about it and hope you have as much fun joining us.

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