"I found this upsetting because I was very hungry and also my wife had died ten minutes earlier. Maybe I should start from the beginning."

The Film Board Gathers! This month the gang of thugs comes together to spoil the latest thinker from Jean-Marc Vallée, Demolition. And you know what? We like it. We like it so much, we think you should see it. If you’ve been following us on the Film Board over the last few years, you know that this sort of affinity is pretty rare around these parts. 

On the show, we take on Mr. Gyllenhaal, his fantastic introverted quirkiness, and his approach to addressing grief. We talk about the great Chris Cooper and his challenge at being cast as a grumpy Gus. We talk about Naomi Watts, who pulls off complexity, even if just for a wee bit of film. And finally, we talk about relative newcomer Judah Lewis in one of the best child performances we’ve seen. 

Better still, you have to tune in for our conversation around the production of this film. Director Jean-Marc Vallée, cinematographer Yves Bélanger, and editor Jay Glen work together to craft one of the most interesting and intentional visual narratives of the season with subtlety and grace. Think what you will about the film, but then step back and appreciate the treatment of the medium. These guys are an exceptional team on this film. 

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