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Army of the Dead

“Of the world’s living locksmiths, do I represent your greatest chance of opening it? I can, with humility, say yes.”

The Film Board convenes! We’re back on the Zack Snyder train with the first entry in what promises to be a big, nasty, zombie universe in the Netflix film “Army of the Dead.” Board the container with Pete Wright, Jordan Petersen, and Ocean Murff and let’s go to Vegas.

Coming on the heels of Snyder’s re-take on ‘Justice League,’ and with his zombie credibility on lock thanks to his ‘Dawn of the Dead’ pedigree, it’s fair to say we came into this film with high hopes. It’s a blockbuster, to be sure, and every single one of those sweet, sweet Netflix dollars is up on screen in running, crouching, shambling zombies. How well does the team create the world of Dead Vegas? What do we think of Snyder’s eye behind the camera? How much do we want to wear one of those fancy motion capture suits? So, so much.

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