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Being the Ricardos

One week in the world of Lucy and Desi leading to a live taping of “I Love Lucy” in 1953, “Being the Ricardos” covers their rocky relationship as husband and wife, the accusations of Ball’s participation in the communist party, all wrapped up with a bow that leads to a commitment to have a baby on national television. All in a week’s work, sure.

But it comes with baggage. From casting to family to J. Edgar Hoover, Sorkin weaves fact and fantasy in ‘Ricardos’ and, because it’s Sorkin, we should see that coming. Pete and JJ aren’t ‘Lucy’ fans, but find the movie a satisfying story about more than the woman, than the comedienne, than the family or the show. This is a movie about all those things, and is greater than the sum of those parts.

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