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The film board gathers! This month the gang of thugs has come together to answer the age-old question that has transfixed adventurers time immemorial: why do we see Everest? Because it’s there. It’s an IMAX 3D exclusive this week which might make you think it’s something of a … you know… spectacle. We’re going to tell you all about that, and we’re going to say some really good things about the cast, some moderate things about the director and writers, and some downright lousy things about the film’s title card. So LOOK OUT! If you can’t tell from our tone here, Baltasar Kormákur’s latest film has failed to wrap us around it’s little finger, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting vectors for approach (see what I did there? Mountain Climbing Language!). So join Andy Nelson, Steve Sarmento, Justin Jaeger and Pete Wright for the trip of a lifetime, and you won’t even have to pay 65 grand to take it!

Film Sundries

The Film Board gathers for an in-depth panel discussion on a film just released in theaters and spoil it rotten.
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