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First Man

Buckle up for an intense journey on this one with the Film Board as we examine the story of struggles and successes that adorn the space race and the USA’s historic effort to reach the Moon. First Man is a Neil Armstrong biopic delivered to us by Oscar Winning Director Damien Chazelle. Teaming up with Ryan Gosling here again as he did in La La Land, Chazelle is attacking a different kind of film than we’ve seen from him before.

Steve, Tommy, Pete and JJ will talk here about the artful diversity in Chazelle’s short but renowned repertoire, address how this film’s content jibes with history, and attempt to figure out how anything ever works in the space program with all that shaking. You heard it here first: It’s a bumpy ride. After our conversation you may be able to decide if you want your first view of First Man to be in the theater or in history class.

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