Godzilla vs Kong • Film Board Member Bonus

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Why can’t all the titans just love one another? Is there a future for the Monsterverse? And who do we favor in this epic battle? Tune in!

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"There can’t be two alpha titans.”

For our March Member Bonus Episode, The Film Board convenes to join in on the epic monster battle – Godzilla vs. Kong. But who will win? And do we care? And how are the stories involving actual humans in this fourth film of the Monsterverse? The effects are great, but how is it watching it at home? Andy, Kyle, and Pete meet in the board room to talk about the film, now in theatres and streaming on HBO Max, and what they thought of it. Want to join in on the fun? Become a supporting member of The Next Reel and get this, and ALL our member bonus episodes! Join the conversation with movie lovers from around the world on The Next Reel’s Discord channel!

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When the movie ends, our conversation begins.

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