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Knives Out

SURPRISE! The Film Board snuck out and saw an advance screening this month, so we’re in spoiler Shangri-la to chat about “Knives Out” before its even officially released! It’s a traditional “whodunit” that Rian Johnson has packed full with family entanglements that make multiple money murder motives. There’s so many reasons we wanted to check this thing out and many of them come from the remarkable cast including Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette and others.

Join Tommy, Pete, Steve, and JJ as we slash into the mystery and slice around what we liked and didn’t like. Rian Johnson’s work has been under close investigation since the unveiling of his Star Wars take in The Last Jedi. This is a complete departure from that, so we’ll jump the gun on it and give you a cutting edge opinion about what you’ll see on the big screen next week. Knives Out opens in theaters on November 27, 2019, so click here to find out about it first with this episode of The Film Board from The Next Reel.

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