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Project Power

2020 has given us a new understanding of what dog days can mean. Historically the label has been reserved for the hottest days of the year because ancient peoples believed it could bring “fever or catastrophe.” Upon consideration, “Fever & Catastrophe” could be an accurate tagline for a film named 2020. Coming out of that traditional period of extreme summer heat, the release of new films to streaming services and video on demand has become normalized. We’re now seeking it out for primary new content as opposed to supplemental diamonds in the rough. This past weekend Netflix released “Project Power” for subscribers and aspects of it infer the makings of a regular theatrical release. It stars Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt and is a story about pills being circulated in New Orleans and other cities giving people short periods of great powers.

The film feels somewhat super hero adjacent so is that the reason for its theater adjacent release or is it more evidence of the industry’s transition to an ongoing world of “Theater at Home?” The Film Board gathers to spoil the project for you and give you a full disclosure of the documented effects of these drugs so you can decide for yourself if its something you want to ingest. Join Mandy, Tommy, Ray, and JJ as we force the big happy family to discuss their favorite creole connections and hypothetical power preferences.

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