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COVID–19 has created a unique dearth in the film industry. We’ve all been seeking something to look forward to this summer and Disney+ provided a glimmer last week by releasing a film version of “Hamilton” captured live from Broadway in 2016. In a sea of theater at home releases that leave the world questioning what constitutes the very definition of film, entertainment is on the cusp of revolution and sets a stage for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking musical to further demonstrate the importance and power of deals with titans in the ongoing battles for content on their proprietary streaming services. The Film Board couldn’t resist gathering to commemorate American independence with this innovative exploration of history.

We’ve talked before about the relevance of historical accuracy in film portrayals. The issue garners additional talking points in the realm of musical theater, so we’ll address it in a new way on this show and we’ll attempt to place this filmed version of stage success alongside other movie depictions of broadway’s greats. This is definitely a different way to view either medium, so it’s important to weigh how it channels the original and holds up on screen. Join The Film Board for this landmark release in the middle of our summer malaise. Pete, Tommy and JJ will open up here and welcome a new voice to the show- introducing Ocean Murff on the Next Reel family of podcasts!

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