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Ready Player One

"It’s the only place that feels like I mean anything."

Have you heard Steven Spielberg is rumored to be directing another Indiana Jones movie? (2020) It’s technically been “announced,” and the amazement that many people feel about that report after the wonder of “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” seems kinda like the wary optimism that the world brought to this month’s film board subject: Spielberg’s “Ready Player One.” The book by Ernest Cline was hugely popular but polarizing for some and it was loaded with 1980’s nostalgia set a seemingly unfilmable un-license-able virtual world. It’s very possible that Spielberg is one of the few people that could have made this a reality for the big screen. 

We gathered The Film Board together this month to talk about everyone’s views on Spielberg’s rehashing the of old days and adapting its wealthy pop culture landscape. Steve, Andy, Tommy and JJ talk around the horn here about their childhood hooks, homage vs. innovation, unique artistic choices, and everybody’s favorite: fake things fighting fake things. Love or hate the rerun remake revision of your past, we’ll talk about what works about it for us and what unfortunately bites the dust. Log in to the cultural OASIS with us on this show because when the movie ends, our conversation begins. 

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