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Last week the U.S. and its allies once again fired missiles on Syria in a response to recent chemical weapons attacks in the country. On Friday, April 13th, the film Beirut opened in theaters with a story that depicts Lebanon in the 70s and 80s running through some of the darkest times in the region’s history. Yet The world today remains saddled with war and confusion regarding how to achieve peace in the middle east, so how does this film inform our current status? Does it enrich the conversation with historical drama or does it support an ongoing narrative of futility? 

The movie is rife with controversy – critics are complaining about its lack of cultural accuracy, its storytelling focusing on a white savior type of story, and its remarkable release date on the anniversary of the Lebanese Civil War. Join our group of The Next Reel regulars as we try to get to the heart of the purpose in telling this story, decide where the film is meant to be in today’s entertainment industry landscape and ultimately whether you will like it or not. Click into this episode of the Film Board and you’ll hear Pete, Tommy, Steve and JJ all talk about what they brought home from Beirut. 

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