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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

What a brilliant end to a decade! We’re wrapping it up with the ultimate film in the Skywalker Saga from that Star Wars galaxy far, far away. It will likely be impossible for us to talk about this without revealing major spoilers about this film that’s 42 years in the making, so tune in if you’re cool with sapping some of the surprises or go see it and then check in with us here as our conversation goes deep into its story, its execution, its characters and ultimately how all of its filmmakers held up to the weight of an entire world of expectations thrust upon this epic film.

It’s a special gang of thugs on this as our founders Andy & Pete come together to join their personal fandoms to see if it will defeat any random reams early hate on this movie. And as a special ringer, we’re once again joined by special guest host Jordan Petersen from the Nerd Critic Podcast, where he’s recently recapped his own admiration for the franchise. Be with us now. Feel the force of the The Film Board’s Year End episode for 2019.

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