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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Katnis and crew are back in part one of their journey against the Capitol. Things are grim, as evidenced by the jumpsuits and rubble, and the crying that happens whenever our heroes see jumpsuits and/or rubble in the frame. The gang of thugs is back this week to take on Francis Lawrence’s latest take on the Hunger Games saga, and we’re firmly split on the results. Is it a fun romp through civilian uprising? Is it a valiant effort to translate literary tripe to screen? Or is it a shameless money grab with sadly not enough of everything we’ve come to want from this series? Join Steve Sarmento, Tom Metz, Andy Nelson, and Pete Wright to see if J-Law, J-Hutch, L-Hems, and P-Sey-Hoff can save the world!

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