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The Killer

“The Killer,” it turns out, is an interesting litmus test for movie lovers. David Fincher’s latest seems to push viewers to their corners. Is it just a movie? A competent excursion in action beats and voice-over? Or is it a meditation on what it means to work, but told through the eyes of a professional assassin? Or, perhaps the most cynical, is it simply a boring travelogue of a man exercising privilege through international travel and fast food? 

Whatever it is for you, it’s worth talking about for us. So, the Film Board Gathers. Justin Jaeger, Tommy Metz III, and Pete Wright watched The Killer and as noted fans of Fincher’s work, you can imagine we have a lot to talk about.

We spend a significant portion of our conversation dissecting the film’s unique marriage of high-brow and low-brow tendencies. The film’s protagonist, an assassin who embodies an intricate blend of sophistication and vulgarity, presents a clear dichotomy of character, highlighted in his fluent speech and the deliberate placement of an earbud with a pinky finger, contrasted with his choice of a 10-gram protein meal at McDonald’s.

As we navigate through the narrative arc of the film, we reflect on its deep-seated symbolism and the meticulousness of the protagonist. Our conversation moves from an analysis of the film to its comparison with other popular titles, such as Steven Soderbergh’s work and the John Wick series. We muse over the film’s realistic, almost journalistic approach to the assassin’s world, which stands in stark contrast to the more fanciful, comic-book-like portrayal in Wick.

A highlight of our discussion is our interview with Erik Messerschmidt, the cinematographer of The Killer, known for his work on Mank, Mindhunter, Devotion, and the upcoming Ferrari. We delve into the technical aspects of filming, the use of motion control, and the creative process behind the scenes. Messerschmidt’s insights add a new dimension to our understanding of the film and reaffirm our appreciation for the precision and control employed in its making. The full interview will be the very next episode for those curious about when Erik saw Star Wars and what that says about loving movies. 

Our collective verdict on “The Killer” is quite positive. We’re enamored by the film’s patience, precision, and unique take on the assassin genre. 

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