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Wonder Woman 1984

"Life is good, but it can be better. And why shouldn’t it be? All you need is to want it.”

Believe it or not, we’re hitting 100! That’s right, our episode today is the 100th film we’ve discussed on The Film Board. It’s been nearly a year full of digital releases and Wonder Woman 1984 broke the seal on Warner’s year of day and date releases, giving us the return of Gal Gadot in full armor, and Mando out of his.

So how has WW84 set the stage? Is it fine watching it at home or did we miss the big screen feel? Did it hold up to the quality the first film surprised everyone with? Or does it feel like so many other films in the DCEU — clunky and ineptly handled?

Andy Nelson hosts, joined by Ray DeLancey, Mandy Kaplan, and Ocean Murff who share their thoughts on this movie so we can share them with all of you.

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