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After School Special

In this episode, hosts Nate and Krissy drink and discuss the flashback-heavy story showing Sam and Dean undercover at their old high school in Season 4, Episode 13: After School Special.

That’s right, young Sam and Dean investigate ghostly happenings at Truman High this week!

Appreciate the rules playing off the many flashbacks to the brothers’ school days!

Note inappropriate behavior and outdated mindsets now seen as problematic!

Ok, so there are some complex themes around bullying, violence, guilt and the cycle of hurt people hurting people. We have to question some moral implications in the brothers’ actions and the tone of this episode. Does it hold up?

We have a blast highlighting the fun moments like Dean teaching dodgeball in tiny shorts but the main ghost plot unexpectedly dark for a lighthearted framing. Character motivations and the ending’s emotional impact are worth a healthy debate but the bottom line: We love the rules and the flashbacks! It’s a monster-of-the-week story structured around looking into the Winchesters’ early days and it still plays!

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