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Krissy and Nate of the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre explore one of the best made episodes of the show Superatural. Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) and Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) and Castiel ( Misha Collins ) and Baby ( the Impala ) investigate a mysterious case of Were-Pyres in an episode shot entirely from the car’s point of view!

Will you get a different count of the rules than they did when you play along, SPN Fam?

Baby, IMDB Says: Sam and Dean’s road trip to fight monsters and demons is chronicled entirely from the Impala’s perspective.

Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins


Take a SIP:

Someone mentions “the Darkness”

Pop Culture Reference – double if Castiel doesnt understand it

We’re inside Baby looking out, alone… as if from Baby’s point of view

A Monster is mentioned by Name

Anytime the Boys probably have a traumatic brain injury

Dean mentions a “Were-Pyre”or “Ghoul-Pyre”

Shots or Double Drinks:

“Night Moves”

“Sammy!” corrects his name

“Since when has being dead ever stopped a Winchester”

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It’s the podcast where a filmmaker (Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios) and a comedian (Krissy Lenz of Neighborhood Comedy Theatre) take a hilarious look at the 80s movies we think we love or might have missed with modern eyes and probably a significant haze of nostalgia.