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Clap Your Hands if You Believe

Grab your robe and slippers, night owls, because tonight we’re dishing all the deets on the recent Supernatural episode that had more twists than a pretzel factory! Leave your disbelief at the door, because this week the Winchester bros battled freaky fairies masquerading as little green men. Cue the alien autopsy gags! But the real star of this show was Soulless Sam, whose sassy comebacks and snarky attitude delivered more laughs than a stand-up special. Watching Dean try to teach morality to his soulless sibling? Comedy gold! The creepy leprechaun trying to tempt Sam with getting his soul back provided spooky thrills, but the real horror came when Dean nuked a fairy with the microwave! Yikes. At least they stopped the nasty creatures by spilling salt and forcing them to count each tiny grain. As always, thanks for listening faithful fans! Until next time, remember – the truth is out there, but sometimes it’s wearing green tights and pointy shoes!

Welcome to Gank That Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast! It's the podcast where two comedians create drinking game rules for some of our favorite episodes of our favorite show: Supernatural. In each episode, we make up drinking game rules and then recap the episode to see how the rules played out. At the end, we make up new rules for the next episode! Join us for laughs, ganks, dranks, and more!

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