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10 Ways to Incorporate Speech-Language Goals into Mealtime with Becca Eisenberg

Are you a clinician looking for something new and fun to spice up your therapy? Or maybe you’re a parent on the hunt for ways to incorporate your child’s speech and language goals into your everyday life? Join Gravity Bread’s Becca Eisenberg for this fun podcast all about how to use cooking and eating to address communication goals for children of all ages and abilities. She’ll address ways to address specific communication goals, support sensory exploration, promote independence, and encourage interaction in one of the most natural settings there is! (Becca’s app and website recommendations can be found at the bottom of this post).

And don’t miss this Q&A! Becca and I have a great little chat about promoting independence, using high-, low-, and no-tech AAC when cooking, and how great it is when your kids can make their own food.

In the podcast, Becca mentions the following apps and sites:


Website resources for visual recipes (for a non reader):

Your source for continuing education for speech and language professionals from The Hello Foundation.
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