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Tommy Metz III

Tommy Metz III aka Tommy Handsome aka The King of Diminishing Returns has written and directed 8 short films that have shown across the country.  Along the way, he was lucky enough to win some awards including Best Overall Short, Best Comedic Short, Audience Favorite Film and Most Handsome Son (that last one was given to him by his mother).  His latest horror short “Static” just finished its successful festival run in 2023. Tommy also co-written and directed his first full-length feature film titled 30 NIGHTS, available for streaming on Tubi. Tommy has also spent over two decades as a Head Mentor for the Young Storytellers creative writing and literacy program for children. Tommy lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his better half, Foster.

Foster aka Puppy King Foster aka He Who Rules Over Everywhere The Sun May Touch was found running around on July 4th, 2015 and has remained a free spirit ever since. After allowing himself to be adopted, he now enjoys parks, leaves, squirrels and howling at fire engines. Due to his intense hatred for skateboards, it is presumed he was working undercover infiltrating a skateboard-related crime syndicate and lost a lot of good boys during the operation. Foster lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his worse half, Tommy.

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Sitting In The Dark

Lost in Translation: Deciphering the Unknown

Tommy is in the big chair leading us on a journey of discovery that leads… nowhere. That’s right, what do you get when you are forced to reckon the horrors of miscommunication? It’s nothing good… that’s what. The Mothman Prophecies, Dark Skies, and Midsommar are all on deck this week!

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Sitting In The Dark

Filtered Reality: Found Footage, Screenlife, and the Epistolary Tradition

On this episode of Sitting in the Dark, host Tommy Metz III is joined by Pete Wright and Andy Nelson for an exploration of found footage and epistolary films. As Tommy explains, the goal is to examine how certain horror movies have upheld the literary epistolary tradition on screen through the use of found footage techniques.

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Tommy and Pete are wrapping up Season 8 with a banger and heading straight to the mountain top… then, on brand, heading straight back down again.

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Fear not, dear listener! This spooky episode of All the Feelings will have you shaking in your boots with harrowing tales of terror!

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