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Ocean’s One: A Star Wars Heist Explained

Ever wonder what happens when you mix a sci-fi novice with a medium-level nerd and throw in some Star Wars? Well, buckle up, because that’s exactly what this episode of “Make Me A Nerd” delivers.

Mandy Kaplan, whose imagination may have gone the way of the Death Star years ago, sits down with podcaster Ocean Murff to chat about “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Ocean, proud owner of a mere 2,000 comic books (down from 4,000 – he’s practically Marie Kondo-ing), attempts to guide Mandy through the galaxy far, far away.

Mandy, it turns out, is more comfortable with spontaneous musical numbers than space politics. Who knew? She bravely admits to feeling lost among the planets and governors, but finds her footing when she realizes it’s basically “Ocean’s Eleven” in space.

By the end, Mandy hasn’t quite reached Jedi status, but she’s at least made it to “Star Wars curious.” Ocean’s mission to create a “small sliver” of enjoyment seems successful. Maybe next time they’ll tackle a sci-fi musical – now that’s a force Mandy could get behind.

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Make Me a Nerd is a podcast for full-blown nerds and those who are nerd-curious. Its host, Mandy Kaplan, is a mainstream middle-aged mom who loves all things Football, Taylor Swift, and Housewives. Each week, she will be introduced to some form of nerdery way outside her comfort zone. By who, you ask? (we know it’s whom, that was a “nerd test,” and you passed it) A full-blown sci-fi/D&D/Ren Fair-loving geek guest determined to expand her horizons and recruit her to nerd-dom. You know what they say: “May the forest be with you”!
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