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Marvel Movie Minute Season Six • The Avengers • Minute 11

Collapse Ex Machina

Minute Eleven: From Bubble Bursting to Fury Rising

Joining us on the show, we have Declan Craggs from Scream Movie Minute.

In the eleventh minute of The Avengers

The editing here seems a bit more clear as we follow three distinct escapes – Fury in a helicopter, Coulson with a SHIELD transport, and Hill chasing Loki, Selvig & Barton through the tunnel. But as the base collapses and Hill’s buried, should we feel more concern about her as a character? Is this the nature of the dropped opening to the film that we really don’t have a good idea who she is yet? We talk a bit about Coulson and possibly some not-great direction he got for his cutaways as he watches the base collapse behind him. We also talk about Hill’s burial and how it doesn’t make sense that she’d survive. Then there’s Fury and his leaping from the helicopter, which is pretty badass. But should we have known more about who that helicopter pilot was? Regardless, it’s an action-packed end to this minute. Tune in!

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Andy Nelson and Pete Wright reach the first team-up movie in the MCU: Marvel’s The Avengers, and they’re taking it apart one blue-beamed minute at a time.