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Marvel Movie Minute Season Six • The Avengers • Minute 42

Street Art in Stuttgart

Minute Forty Two: From A Valuable History Lesson to Knocking Cap to the Ground

Father David Mowry, chaplain of the movies by minutes community, joins us in this episode!

In the forty-second minute of The Avengers

We continue our conversation about our lone German man who stands against Loki. His replies to Loki are spot-on perfect. Great writing throughout this scene. Loki’s ego shines through in all the best ways, and Tom Hiddleston plays him to a T with those line deliveries. 

Captain America, of course, saves the German Old Man from getting killed by Loki. This is certainly something people often gloss over with Loki – he tried to kill a defenseless old man right here. In Germany. Should people be talking about this more with him? Regardless, it gives Steve a chance to quip back at Loki and then gets their fight started. But Loki calls him out as the soldier, a man out of time. Should Steve’s superior intellect pulled that out as something Loki shouldn’t have known? Should he be thinking more of the fact that Loki and Barton may be working on a plan? Oh – we also get the quinjet arriving in time for Natasha to take aim at Loki. Tune in!

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Andy Nelson and Pete Wright reach the first team-up movie in the MCU: Marvel’s The Avengers, and they’re taking it apart one blue-beamed minute at a time.