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Marvel Movie Minute Season Six • The Avengers • Minute 91

The Tony Pitch

Minute Ninety One: From Fury Pitching the Avengers Initiative to Tony Starting to Walk Out

Lachlan Thiele from the Quiet on Set podcast joins us in this episode!

In the ninety-first minute of The Avengers

Fury continues his pitch to Steve and Tony, and really seems to have singled Tony out for this particular minute. Coulson’s cards were really the extent of his pitch for Steve, after all. So how well does it work? What we do get here in this minute is a great example of shot construction to help tell the story. First, we get the second longest shot in the film as the camera trucks around the table, keeping Tony in the foreground as Fury walks around the backside of it to land at the chair between Tony and Steve. It’s a great moment that keeps us focused on Robert Downey Jr.’s performance the entire time. After a few other shots, we get a great shot of Tony as he stands. It’s a low shot that tilts up to keep him in frame, pushing Fury out of frame entirely. Again, another great way to cinematically tell the story without the characters having to speak.

Fury comes near the end of his monologue and Tony walks out. How did Tony react to the pitch? How about Steve? We’ll find out soon enough. Tune in!

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